From Eastern N.C. to Tokyo: Through breeding and feeding, Bob and Ted Ivey have built a new breed of pig -- called ‘silky’ pork -- that produces premium cuts with a bit more fat, a deeper color and more sweetness. It especially appeals to the Japanese palate.

Earlier this month Wells Fargo became the most valuable U.S. bank ever, surpassing Citigroup Inc.’s 2001 record. Here’s how it got there.

A New Jersey-based mortgage company is in line for a whistleblower payout as part of Bank of America’s $16.65 billion settlement in August over the bank’s packaging of mortgage loans into securities, according to court and settlement documents.

A second trial of the man accused of killing 16-year-old Phylicia Barnes, an honor-roll student from Monroe, is under way, but prosecutors say they won’t call a jailhouse informant whose involvement in the first trial got the guilty verdict overturned.

Technology giant Google said Thursday it won’t update Charlotte and other cities until next year on its plans to potentially install high-speed broadband networks in their areas.

Video: Meet the man behind the Christmas display on wheels at Park Road Shopping Center.

More than 200 children and adults entered our 13th annual Holiday Card Contest. See our daily winner, and other entries.

The next big thing could be a Charlotte-based social app targeting partiers. Socialtopias gave po...

Sip + Play

The restaurant has a cafe-luxe decor and intriguing breakfast/lunch menus that were a little off the beaten path without getting crazy.

Troubling drama features Steve Carell as a loner with an ego the size of his bank account. Grade: A

The Daily Edit 12.19.14

Scott Says: If the Panthers score 20 or more, good things happen. Even against Johnny Manziel.

Columnist Tom Sorensen is back after a fall put him in the hospital with a concussion.

Charlotte coach Steve Clifford never expected the Hornets to be great offensively this season. But he sounds surprised they aren’t better defensively.

A colorful second-half timeout speech from Mike Krzyzewski spurred the Blue Devils to get their collective act together and tough out a 66-56 win over UConn.

Lagging sponsorship sales have cost the Greater Hickory Classic at Rock Barn its spot on the 2015 PGA Champions Tour schedule.

Charlotte's Darrell Wallace Jr. will drive the No. 6 Ford next season in the NASCAR Xfinity (formerly Nationwide) Series.

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