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Bishop Peter Jugis thinks people should be more charitable.

A neighbor was fertilizing his grass this week. I thought: Is it time for me to start getting my lawn in shape?

Bert Hesse, developer of the Studio Charlotte project, was ready for his close-up Thursday afternoon at the Government Center. Hesse had been called before the Charlotte City Council’s economic development committee to explain why after more than five months, he’d been unable to provide the city with financial information about his proposal – little things like how much his movie studio would cost and who his equity partner was.

To NBC and assorted media outlets: The world needs to know that the host of these Olympics is troubled, that President Vladimir Putin leads a government that crushes dissent and violates fundamental human rights. Thanks to you, we understand that more. Now can we have the Olympics back?

Did you detect a bit of smugness in Charlotte this past week? It was about how smoothly we handled our snow.

If you want to understand why the N.C. Mining and Energy Commission made a mistake this week by allowing fracking companies to keep secret the chemicals they pump into the ground, take a glance northward to West Virginia.

The lesson begins with a warmup. Five simple notes, moving left to right on the piano, then five more notes coming back. Robby McNeill plays them, slow and deliberate. It’s how he does most everything now.

So Billy Graham had a birthday party this week, and a Fox News gala broke out.

There’s a question we’re not asking yet about Barack Obama and the Affordable Care Act.

On hot summer Saturdays eight years ago, I was on a team of Observer reporters who walked the streets of Charlotte neighborhoods, looking for people who wanted to talk about their mortgages. The neighborhoods were on the edge of the city. They boasted rows of new starter homes with young trees and green patches of front yard. Already, they were beginning to be dotted with foreclosures.

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