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Peter Hotton answers readers questions about home repair

Q: My house was built 10 years ago. During our first winter and spring we heard loud cracking sounds. They seem to occur when there is a significant temperature change.

Peter Hotton answers readers questions about home maintenance

Peter Hotton answers your questions about home maintenance problems

Q: My daughter and son-in-law have annoying drip-like sounds in their downstairs powder room and upstairs guest bathroom that start and then stop for seemingly no reason. The sound seems to be coming from inside the fan in both ceilings, but there is no evidence of moisture. What could it be, and how do they get it to stop?

Hotton answers questions from readers about their home projects

Q: I have a 10-foot-by-12-foot tool shed in a shady area with a roof covered with unsightly lichen. Can you suggest any relatively simple way to remove it before I paint the shed?

Q: My mahogany front porch floor is built on a frame over the original concrete slab. I think the frame is made of pressure-treated wood. The porch is covered, open on two sides and uses three fiberglass columns that sit on the mahogany floorboards. The outside corner is often wet, and after eight years the mahogany floorboards around the corner column are starting to rot. What can I do so I don’t have to replace rotted floorboards in another eight years?

Q: Do you have suggestions on how to get some type of strong adhesive off a 6-foot-by-12-inch granite shelf that is stuck to wood?

Q: Our kitchen cabinets (about 6 or 7 years old) are solid wood, as are all the internal structures. But the end panels are veneered, and on the front edges the veneer is lifting from the solid wood base. The lift goes back from a half-inch to an inch. They could be clamped by removing the adjacent cabinet door. What do you suggest?

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Peter Hotton
Peter Hotton has been the handyman expert for the Boston Globe for more than 30 years.