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Chef Spike Gjerde's 14-ounce dry-aged rib-eye has been "a mainstay" on Woodberry Kitchen's menu over the years.

Do we have to butter you up for this news? Paula Deen is back, y’all, and she loves her some Charlotte.

If you’re going to “Paula Deen Live!” at the Belk Theater on Wednesday night, you’ll get two shows: Deen will use her Charlotte appearance as a kickoff for the new Paula Deen Network, a subscription website that features Deen’s videos and recipes.

Using something like this sauce as a dip for shrimp or as a base for a salad with leftover fish is a great catch.

Every Rosh Hashana, Jews smear honey on sliced apples and thick pieces of challah with the idea that a sweet New Year’s meal will usher in a sweet new year.

Pizza Hut is testing out a lighter pizza in two U.S. markets as it seeks to freshen up its menu and regain its footing against competitors.

I love this recipe for entertaining, especially since it only gets better when made in advance. The flank steak can be marinated a day or two ahead, rolled and then refrigerated until ready to cook.

If you listen to Dorie Greenspan long enough, you'll find yourself hankering to get your hands into some flour, certain you can whip up some glorious treat. Her can-do attitude is that infectious.

This spicy Thai treat is easy to make using a good quality Thai peanut sauce.

Every September, a small panic rises. The herb garden overflows; so do the border plantings of leafy greens. Tomatoes dominate my counters in all manner of ripeness.

Observer food editor Kathleen Purvis won first place for Best Food Column nationwide and first place for Best Newspaper Food Feature from The Association of Food Journalists.

Harris Teeter has launched a new program to recognize products made in the Carolinas.

At Osteria Morini in Washington, Parmigiano “Gelato” shows up formed into a perfect little quenelle, just as ice cream does at fancy restaurants. But it’s also sitting on a board, next to a pile of crostini.

The theater is dark, the film is rolling – and your mouth is watering. Forget popcorn. This feast is for your eyes: sizzling green tomatoes, perfectly pink onions, a ripe zucchini being expertly chopped.

Ripe, juicy tomatoes are perfect for stuffing and are very inviting served on a platter with White Bean Salad for the simple vegetarian meal.

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