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Hobby gardeners should save their own seeds, not just for the lofty goals of retaining biodiversity or cultural heritage, but because it can be immensely satisfying and also save money.

Q: Are keyless locks – the ones with a keypad – as good as regular deadbolts?

Metallic finishes can add an instant touch of color, as well as elegance and glam, to any decor.

Survey reveals trends going on in kitchen remodeling projects – white cabinets, the increasing popularity of quartz countertops, and a preference for stainless steel appliances.

Colorful and flavorful, radishes are easy to grow and delicious to eat.

You might know it as Swiss chard, but the Swiss have little to do with this ancient Mediterranean plant.

A 2015 trends report sees home gardeners choosing more natural landscapes, pollinator-friendly flowers and plants that need less water.

These designer tips will help you give a home personality and relaxed elegance that skillfully steps away from traditional.

Sign up and come out for these Charlotte-area events on gardening.

Expensive Stickley furniture is associated with the Craftsman style, but you can shop antique stores, secondhand stores, Etsy and eBay for similar accessories and furniture.

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