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Roofing warranties negated when shingles are improperly nailed.

Garden of Eden can be cooked and enjoyed, pod and all, even at the shell bean stage.

New book describes 65 desirable trees, with photos and close-ups of noteworthy features such as flowers, leaves or bark.

The blooms of devil’s walking stick attract butterflies as well as bees in the late summer.

What would it take to inspire an outdoorsy family of fire lovers to actually use a fire pit? I figured I’d find out.

An energy consultant suggested removing all the batt insulation in the ceiling and redoing the spray foam to totally encapsulate the attic. Is this good advice?

Most designers recommend round tables in small spaces because they de-emphasize the corners of a room, making it appear larger. Round tables are also easier to move around in cramped quarters.

The first time we looked at our 1930s Tudor, we immediately fell in love with the character. But when it came to the closets, character wasn’t necessarily a good thing.

Competition and conflict have existed between people and animals since the first gardeners began sowing seeds on the ground. The critters just as quickly carried them away.

Q: I read somewhere that the window in the bathroom is supposed to be safety glass. Is this true? We are replacing our windows this fall and I’m doing as much research as I can.

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