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As linoleum cures in the drying room, a yellowish cast may develop on its surface due to the oxidation of the linseed oil.

Granite is impervious to water, but the polished surface can expose minerals that can oxidize and change color when exposed to water.

In most cases an elongated toilet bowl is required for the seat to properly fit.

Lost Hollow, the new 3.5-acre kids space at Stowe Botanical Garden is designed to be fun, not precious.

Autumn tones can transform a summer cottage into a delight for cooler months.

Make the right choices for a boundary of shrubs

While other patterns come and go in popularity, stripes are here to stay.

Fall is a prime time to put in new perennials – trees and shrubs, too – because winter’s cooler temperatures allow roots to establish before hot, dry weather arrives again.

After a blockbuster summer, the show in the garden goes on with a new fall cast.

Problems in the chimney lead to house fires in tens of thousands of homes each year. Those fires claim many lives and can cause hundreds of millions of dollars in damages.

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