Sara Kendall has traveled halfway across the globe with her kids and lived to tell about it. Stay tuned to hear about family destinations around Charlotte and beyond.

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  • Holiday air travel

    It's the best and worst part of the holidays......getting there and getting back home again. If your travel plans include flying with children, check in with Sara Kendall and her tips for making it a breeze. Safe travels!

  • Disney survival guide for the holidays

    There's nothing quite as magical as Disney World, and during this time of year they make the holidays a festive experience for all who venture to their parks. Blogger Sara Kendall has the low down on making the most of your visit during this busy time of year.

  • Be Creative at Bechtler Museum

    Sara and her girls joined the fun at the Bechtler Museum's first Family Day series and can't wait for the next one. Check out their experience and plan your own - a great family activity with an artistic twist!

  • All Aboard The Polar Express!

    There's no better way to get in the holiday spirit than a magical trip with Santa on the famed Polar Express/ A short drive from Charlotte will transport you and your children to a fun-filled Christmas experience that will leave you saying, "I believe." Read Sara's tips and suggestions for making it extra memorable.