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Meet Rebecca Wofford, a Charlotte mom with a unique approach to a global issue. Through her organization, The Lunch Project, American students are educated on and raise money for a local and sustainable food program that feeds students in Tanzania. For just 9 cents, children are able to receive a meal and improve their education.

When Amy Strasser's close friend was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, she knew she had to do something big to help, and created the PStrong Fund to raise money to research treatments for rare and unusual cancers. She began by working to help her friend, yet her impact will affect the lives of many more.

Working with teens has always been Kalina Martinez' passion and now this mompreneur is using her talents and gifts to help adolescents in Charlotte live healthier lives with her Lean Teen weight loss program.

Re-meet one of our favorite mompreneurs, Robbin Nolan, who shared her mitten-saving invention, Mittenhugs, with us last year. Nolan now has another great product to keep people and pets from walking into screens. What will she think of next?!

Meet Lori Ann Davis, a Charlotte mom and relationship specialist who's working to bring couples closer through her unique approach to counseling. Passionate about helping people have better relationships, she's ready to share the keys to loving and lasting relationships.

Any parent who's ever ridden in the car with a bored child will appreciate local dad Kevin Gatlin's educational CDs, Ride Along with Dooey. Find out where his inspiration came from and what you can expect from this sun, interactive tool.

Charlotte mom Fe Read found a mission in her fashion when she helped launch The Matching Dots clothing collection. Adorable apparel for moms and daughters, her company feeds 2 children with every item sold.

Charlotte mom, Cherie Behrens, is rolling all over the Queen city to get kids in shape with her enrichment programs for tots, Launch Your Kid. Meet this super mom who's on the move and ready to get your child moving along with her!

Pregnancy and fashion don't always gone hand-in-hand. As your belly grows, it's harder to stay stylish and comfortable. But local mom Nicole Jenkins has a solution for any expecting mom who wants to keep looking great, all 9 months, at One Hott Mamma Maternity Consignment!

Skip the gym and go green while getting in shape by joining Rachel Revier-Bauchwitz. She's created a supportive outdoor fitness program, perfect for any mom!

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