July 2014

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Beautiful Musings

Rosie Molinary

Happy Birthday, Beautiful You!

The daily guide to radical self-acceptance, Beautiful You, is still capturing hearts a year later.

Let the to-do list go and schedule playtime

The to-do list can get very long, so be sure to make a play plan and occasionally let things go.

Horses. Hope. Healing: A retreat for cancer survivors

Triple Play Farm in Davidson, North Carolina offers a one-day self-discovery and empowerment retreat for female cancer survivors.

What's your default?

My son's nickname, Happy, teaches a lesson about one's natural state.

In 1978, I invented GPS

In looking for directions in life, though, it's not as easy as asking your car where to go.

Women in the media

Rosie teaches a new fall class on women in the media.

Something is always missing

That "something missing" could be the motivation you need to push forward in life.

As it turns out, I lied.

I didn't know it at the time, but at age 23 I failed to be truthful with high-school students.

5 Practices to achieve greater mind-body balance

Learn how to integrate mind and body to achieve a more balanced life.

Keeping track

An unexpected way to help you reach your goals.

Objectification lessons

Letting people define themselves.

Savoring the day

Writer Anne Lamott reveals where to find our "true wealth."

You're your problem, but...

Profound thoughts from "Bridesmaids."

What's a girl to do without a boyfriend? Everything.

Young girls must learn to find themselves - without a boy in tow.

We are all just different kinds of pretty.

A high school student discovers an essential truth.

The gift of loneliness

The reality of our village is there for those who look.

The wisdom of students

Young writers synthesize what they've learned about their self-image.

Close your doors, people

Springtime means snake time!

Making a decision about "one day"

Confronting a big fear: running out of time.