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The disapperance of 10-year-old Zahra Baker from the community of Hickory gained international attention. Then, more than a month into the search, news of her death and
the gruesome details -- the young cancer survivor's body was dismembered and the
remains hidden across several rural areas -- shocked and angered many. People grieve
for the freckle-faced girl with the wide smile ... but they also want answers.

SLIDESHOWS: Birthday vigil for Zahra
Breakthrough in case | Search continues
Candlelight vigil | The search begins

MAP: Key events in the Zahra Baker case

DAY 1: Amber Alert issued for 10-year-old
Hickory girl

DAY 4: Missing girl's stepmother admits
writing ransom note

DAY 4: Relative: Zahra had 'horrible' home life
DAY 11: Missing girl's father says he believes
she's alive

DAY 13: Zahra's stepsister: Don't free my mom
DAY 25: Police: Prosthetic leg is Zahra's
DAY 25: Crime website claims it has Elisa
Baker letters

DAY 26: Bone found in search
DAY 35: Hickory police confirm remains
are Zahra Baker's

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