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Q&A about the Charlotte News Alliance

Q: What is the Charlotte News Alliance?

Great journalism is happening out there. New community websites and lively blogs have cropped up in the Charlotte region, covering what's really important to people in their everyday lives. These hyperlocal sites drill into Charlotte's neighborhoods and communities. The Charlotte News Alliance will show off the best of this daily work through links on the home page of and articles in the newspaper.

Q: Who can join?

Websites and blogs in the Charlotte News Alliance must be committed to the basic tenets of journalism - truth and fairness. While a variety of content will be considered - from hard news to lifestyle to opinions - the work must be original. It must be relevant to the Charlotte region and suitable for a general audience. We expect partners to update their sites at least five days a week.

Q: Who cannot join?

We will evaluate every application that comes in, however we will not accept promotional websites for businesses, governments, etc., nor will we consider offensive sites or those that promote bigotry.

Q: How do I benefit from joining the Alliance?

As a partner, you will:

  • Maintain full control of your site, content and business
  • Increase your exposure, traffic and audience from direct links on and articles in the newspaper.
  • Have permission to run four full-length Observer stories a week on your site
  • Get invited to training seminars throughout the year
  • Have opportunities to join other Charlotte News Alliance partners on editorial projects

Q: How does the Observer benefit?

The Charlotte Observer strives to cover the region as fully as possible. We are excited to welcome outside partners to enhance our coverage.

Q: Does it cost anything?

There is no money involved in this partnership. Right now, this is a content sharing agreement.

Q: How do I join?

Send a link and brief description of your site to, along with your name and contact information. We'll take a look and get back to you. All partners must sign our content license agreement, which you can read here: Content License Agreement

For more information, contact Innovations Editor Jen Rothacker, or 704-358-5081.

Charlotte News Alliance application

Generous funding from J-Lab: The Institute for Interactive Journalism helped launch the Charlotte News Alliance.

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