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Lake Norman News ~ News of University City

UNCC filmmaker documents grassroots effort to bring Hornets name back to Charlotte

Posted at 8:38pm on Dec. 14, 2014

After three years of filming, a documentary about the grassroots effort to bring the Charlotte Hornets NBA team name back to its home city has a release date in the spring.

Charlotte 49ers club hockey team moving forward with former player as coach

Posted at 3:44pm on Dec. 9, 2014

Now a UNC Charlotte graduate student, club hockey coach Dave Kenehan played for 49ers for five seasons.

Clean Graffiti Project puts children-supportive messages on sidewalks

Posted at 4:29pm on Dec. 9, 2014

Imagine trudging along the path to school and stumbling upon a message such as ‘Hold your head up high’ or ‘Do good’ written on the sidewalk.

In December, rest, read up after a few chores are done

Posted at 8:30pm on Dec. 9, 2014

December is time to band trees against cankerworms; plant bulbs, trees, shrubs and woody herbs; start early vegetables indoors; and prepare spring beds.

Artist gets inspiration from homes’ wood frames

Posted at 1:52pm on Dec. 11, 2014

During the residential construction boom a few years ago, Ted Lott saw masterpieces everywhere he traveled across the country.