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Q: It has been seven weeks since I had my annual flu shot, and my arm is still sore at the injection site. There appears to be anecdotal information that the new quad vaccine has left many recipients with sore arms for an extended period. Have you read any reports that this sore-arm issue is widespread this year?

Q: My 2-year-old grandson has problems with constipation, and his pediatrician has recommended MiraLAX to be taken daily. He has now been taking it for about two months.

Q: I know two senior citizens (in their 70s) who had misadventures with surgical anesthesia. They are both rapidly losing their short-term memory.

Q: My 7-year-old child had not had a seizure in four years. Her epilepsy has been controlled with Keppra and the ketogenic diet.

Q: I was recently prescribed tramadol for pain from a bad hip. I ended up with hallucinations. Ghostlike people were floating along next to my shoulder. I thought I was going crazy, and I think my doctor agreed. He said tramadol is a very safe pain medication. Have you heard of anyone else experiencing hallucinations on this drug?

Q: I had no end of trouble with cheilitis for several years. Eventually, a very practical allergist suspected the benzones in lip sunblocks could be causing the irritation of my lips.

The FDA recently noted that two generic formulations of Concerta (methylphenidate ER) might not work as well as the brand-name medicine.

Q: As a retired industrial hygienist, I take issue with your response to a question about aluminum and Alzheimer’s disease. No link has been established between Al (aluminum) and dementia.

Q: I am a healthy, 53-year-old man with high cholesterol. I take atorvastatin to keep it under control.

Q: For years, I was plagued with at least two annual bouts of cold sores. One outbreak occurred during a visit to New Zealand. I went to a pharmacy for Zovirax, since it was available there without a prescription.

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Joe and Terry Graedon
Joe and Terry Graedon are authors of The People's Pharmacy book and host an award-winning health talk show on public radio.