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Charlotte’s Mirjana Puhar, 19, has gone from war refugee to troubled adolescent, and from a job at McDonald’s to a gig on The CW’s hit reality competition series.

'Tis clearly the season for exceedingly attractive young adults in mortal peril.

The premium cable channel, whose own executives have called it “Skinemax,” has dabbled for years with original programming that didn’t involve a sudden tryst with the pizza delivery guy. But with “The Knick,” it has its first genuine heart-stopper, a bloody good medical drama set in 1900.

In “Who Do You Think You Are?” actor Kelsey Grammer explores his grandmother’s family and discovers a connection to one of American history’s most notable migrations.

Old Crow Medicine Show plays Charlotte’s Uptown Amphitheatre at 7:30 p.m. Thursday.


  • Looking for culinary adventure? We pulled together a sampling of international cuisines around town. Get packing.

Toppman: The film has an unsavory reek of box-office calculation about it, from the overworked plot to the casting of pop star Taylor Swift in a small and irrelevant role. Grade: C+

The romantic comedy recipe is so well-known and foolproof that the great mystery about them is how rarely the romantic fools in Hollywood get it right.

Documentary begins as a look at ER heroics, then asks us to re-examine health care.

Three elements could make “The Expendables 3” work. some cool, kinetic action slam-o-rama; witty one-liners; and a really good bad guy. “Ex3” gets one of them right – sort of.

Stagioni is, by design, a shifting concept, adapting to each season’s foodstuffs. It’s increasingly more daring – but also with hits and misses.

The 7th Street Public Market hosts a 2014 Labor Day brunch and barbecue, with Local Loaf and othe...

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Charlotte’s Mirjana Puhar, 19, has gone from a job at McDonald’s to a gig on The CW’s hit series.

Party Pix 08.18.14

There was blood, balloons, bubbles, babies, and a beheading - and that was before Motley Crue eve...

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