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Every September, a small panic rises. The herb garden overflows; so do the border plantings of leafy greens. Tomatoes dominate my counters in all manner of ripeness.

If you’ve forgotten – or perhaps never knew – just how much Charlotte has transformed itself in recent years, “27 Views of Charlotte: The Queen City in Prose & Poetry” offers a keen literary reminder.

After pondering everything he had to do to get in shape for Sunday’s 140-mile-plus triathlon, Théoden Janes hopes his family will look back on it and laugh.

If you're looking to move and want a city that will give you good housing and cost-of-living value, Money magazine highly recommends Charlotte.

Perhaps Moses and Harry realize how fortunate they are. But if they do, they’re not talking.

Changing North Carolina Medicaid rules, designed to keep people out of institutions, bring an end to Greensboro’s Bell House, which has been a family to adults with cerebral palsy for 35 years.

Here's our annual guide to working, playing, eating and shopping in the Charlotte region.

If you were in Charlotte when Hugo blew through on Friday, September 22, 1989 these scenarios wil...

Retro Charlotte

Maria David, the Charlotte Observer's archivist and research librarian, has always had access to ...

Olivia Fortson

Founding celeb chef Laurent Tourondel will pop in to BLT Steak to cook with chef de cuisine Ben M...

On Dining

Here's a way to help keep your family safe at home: Be careful what products you bring into the ...

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