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PHOTOS: More than 200 children and adults entered the Observer’s 13th annual Holiday Card Contest. Each day through Christmas, we’ll publish some of our favorites in an online slideshow. Our 4th winner is Jacob Church, 15, of Bethlehelm.

It’s easy to celebrate and toast your child when the fat envelope arrives and everyone is smiling. It’s not quite so easy when you’re the first one to open the mailbox and see the scrawny, “thin” envelope you wished was addressed to someone else.

Dorothy and Darryl O’Leary own an attractive two-story home in a tidy north Charlotte neighborhood. But look more closely and you’ll see a husband and wife struggling to hold their dreams together.

Nine-year-old Alex Collins, who lives in Chester County, Pennsylvania, will fly to Chester County, South Carolina, to go hunting and fishing with Sheriff Alex Underwood.

Duke lab helped analyze 45 bird genomes, published for the first time this month in 28 scientific journals.

Thanks to Jacky’s friends, what was just an imaginary band has become real. The Falling Pebbles will play at The Double Door Inn on Dec. 28.

Here's our annual guide to working, playing, eating and shopping in the Charlotte region.

Slideshow: About 330 entries came in for our Firebird Coloring Contest. Here are the winners.

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