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Abortion-rights supporters were relieved this month when state health officials proposed reasonable new regulations for clinics performing the procedure. But a public meeting on the proposals last week should remind us that the fight over abortion rules isn’t over yet.

I have been heartbroken by the violence by both police and lawbreakers, but at last op-ed columnist David Rubinstein has broken through a taboo subject to insert some real-life wisdom.

How many jobs should a company have to create to get more than $5 million from North Carolina’s taxpayers? And how many of those jobs should go to North Carolinians?

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Taylor Batten, Editorial Page Editor
Taylor Batten became editorial page editor in 2008, the day Bank of America bought Merrill Lynch. He grew up in Miami, went to Duke and Harvard and covered business and politics before holding a series of editing and management jobs. He and his staff have won first place for editorial writing and editorial pages in N.C. Press Association competitions. Reach him at

Peter St. Onge, Associate Editor

Peter St. Onge has been a member of the editorial board since 2011. A New Hampshire native, Peter came to the Observer in 1999. He has been honored with national awards in news writing, investigations, business writing, sports writing and feature writing. He lives in south Charlotte with his wife and two sons. Reach him at

Kevin Siers, Editorial Cartoonist

A native of Minnesota, Kevin Siers has been drawing editorial cartoons for the Observer since 1987. He began his cartooning career by drawing editorial cartoons for his hometown community newspaper between shifts working in the local iron ore mines north of Duluth. His Observer cartoons today are distributed nationwide by King Features Syndicate. Reach him at

Eric Frazier, Associate Editor

Eric Frazier joined the editorial board in 2014. A South Carolina native, he graduated from the College of Charleston and Columbia University. He has been a reporter and editor at the Observer since 1998, and has won state and national awards for coverage of issues ranging from capital punishment to child welfare. Reach him at

Heck with the movie, let us see the e-mails!

Frank Hill has a trivia question: Of the more than 3,000 individuals who have graduated from UNC Chapel Hill over the past 60 years as Morehead-Cain Scholars, how many have run for governorships or national office in the United States?

What I remember most about the day I asked a black friend how to warn my son about the police was the way he stumbled forward out of his chair and pointed his finger at me, making sure I heard each and every word he had to say.

We have reached a difficult place in American history: in our lifetimes, our politics have never been constantly more divided over the last 100 years. At the center of that divide is a petty form of conflict built around self-important individuals and groups and their leading ideologues, played out in mass media as a constant barrage of left versus right, blue versus red.

Sanford got $108K; McCrory got $171K; Cannon got 4 years! Doesn’t seem quite fair.

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Back in September, N.C. Rep. Rodney Moore, D-Mecklenburg, spoke to Charlotte City Council members...

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Kevin Siers

Editorial cartoonist Kevin Siers, who for the last quarter century has skewered political egos across the Carolinas with the tip of a paintbrush, was awarded the Pulitzer Prize on Monday.

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