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Q: My roommate is great overall, but has a foul mouth. We’re women in our 20s and I’m not a prude, but the way that she talks leaves me disgusted several times a week. I know how hard it is to find someone that you live with well. I’ve had terrible roommates in the past. So I wish I could let this one thing go, and I don’t want to ruin a good thing. But I also feel like I need to say something because it is so not OK.

Q: My teenage son is smart, but has lost interest in school – he’s been skipping classes and not completing assignments. He’s gotten friendly with other kids that are not great students but really want to start a band. My husband feels that until his grades improve, his music should be taken away. But that’s the only thing he’s motivated about right now, so I think it’s the worst thing we could do.

Time and communication are your main hopes here:

Q: When is too soon to tell my boyfriend that I am on antidepressants, and have been for some time? He often spends the night, and I always hide my meds. I wonder what is common practice for people and figured you’d know.

Should the office newcomer get a lesson in dealing with the late co-worker?

My boyfriend wants to move across the country, but I don’t. Is it wrong that I’m not willing to consider this?

Q: I’m newly pregnant with my first child and won’t be drinking during my pregnancy. I think my husband should give up drinking as well in solidarity, but he doesn’t want to. He says it’s silly because it doesn’t physically affect the baby. I feel like it would be a nice show of support. Am I being unreasonable?

Q: My husband seems to put my brother on a pedestal. It’s getting tiresome. I am not particularly fond of my brother due to many years of him beating the crap out of me when we were kids. My husband has a man-crush on him because of the most superficial things (he’s a lawyer who drives a motorcycle, he travels a lot, etc.). How can I tell my husband that he’s not all he seems? And why am I so resentful of this?

My ex just got married to a really cool woman, and I’d like to get to know her better. But other friends have told me that given my history with her husband, I should keep my distance, especially since I’m now single.

Q: A friend of mine is always disciplining my daughter in ways I do not agree with. My daughter is only 3, and my friend expects her to always be perfect with her please and thank-yous, to share perfectly with her daughter, etc. How do I tell her to loosen up?

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Andrea Bonior
Andrea Bonior (that's BONN-yer!) is a licensed clinical psychologist, professor, and writer. She completed her M.A. and Ph.D. in clinical psychology focusing on individual and group psychotherapy for young adults and specializing in the treatment of anxiety disorders and depression.