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MomsCharlotte is fortunate to host periodic guest bloggers. Contact the Web Admin if you are interested in blogging for us!

  • Mother Vision: Remember Park Place

    What you’ll discover as you move through the journey of motherhood is that the feeling of lonliness you feel as a single mom is one that all moms feel at one point or another. We all experience isolation, shame, loneliness. We also feel the same elation and joy and love.

  • Mother Vision: Green means go

    What happens after the pregnancy and delivery, when a young single mother is sent home with a tiny infant to care for?

  • Mother Vision: Bravery 101

    Tara continues her tale as a 19-year old pregnant college student - alone and brave.

  • Mother Vision: I see you

    From pregnancy to birth to watching them grow, motherhood is an amazing adventure that many women share with the support of the father. But what about the many women who face all the ups and downs of motherhood alone? In this new 8-part series, blogger Tara Ashcraft reflects on shame, confidence, strength, and learning through the lens of a pregnant college student and young, single mother.

  • A Baby Not Her Own

    The thought of carrying and delivering twins is exhausting, but the idea of carrying those twins and handing them over to another family is emotionally and physically overwhelming. But that's what Charlotte mom Stacey Ashe did - 3 times - as she worked as a surrogate. In this 8-part series, Ashe dispels the myths and and shares the truth about being a surrogate and how someone becomes a mom.

  • Witness to a miracle

    Any parent who has ever sat through a night with an ill child knows that is the worst feeling in the world - seeing your baby suffer. Guest blogger Meg McElwain had to endure that feeling for nearly two years, as her son Mitchell fought pediatric leukemia. Although Mitchell lost his battle to cancer in April 2014, Meg has shared her sorrows and joys in the story of her son's fight in its entirety.