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MomsCharlotte is fortunate to host periodic guest bloggers. Contact the Web Admin if you are interested in blogging for us!

  • Part six: postpartum good-byes

    What's it like to carry twins for an entire pregnancy, bring them into the world, and then hand them over to someone else? In the conclusion of her series on being a surrogate, Stacey Ashe shares what she calls "the strangest part of the entire experience."

  • Part five: Sharing the news

    How do you tell well-wishing people that the babies in your belly aren't really yours? Or do you share that part of the news at all? In this week's blog, three time surrogate Stacey Ashe explains what she did and didn't share, and how she was able to have a little fun with people in the midst of it all.

  • Part 4: family relations

    Is it possible to carry a baby in your body and not become emotionally attached? Surrogate Stacey Ashe says the answer is not as simple as the question. Drawing on her three surrogacy experiences as well as her two personal pregnancies, Ashe explains how family relationships impacted her journey as a surrogate.

  • A baby not her own: picking parents

    We all know about getting set up on dates based on obvious similarities and interests, but what about finding the right family to carry a baby for? In part four of Stacey Ashe's blog on being a surrogate (three different times with twins), the topic of picking parents is explained.

  • A baby not her own: the spark

    What would make someone want to go through the arduous task of psychological evaluations and IVF, followed by 9 months of pregnancy and delivery of twins....all for someone else? Stacey Ashe shares the motivation behind her decision to become a surrogate in part three of our surrogacy series.

  • A baby not her own: a surrogate's tale

    The thought of carrying and delivering twins is exhausting, but the idea of carrying those twins and handing them over to another family is emotionally and physically overwhelming. But that's what Charlotte mom Stacey Ashe did - 3 times - as she worked as a surrogate. In this 8-part series, Ashe dispels the myths and and shares the truth about being a surrogate and how someone becomes a mom.

  • Witness to a miracle

    Any parent who has ever sat through a night with an ill child knows that is the worst feeling in the world - seeing your baby suffer. Guest blogger Meg McElwain had to endure that feeling for nearly two years, as her son Mitchell fought pediatric leukemia. Although Mitchell lost his battle to cancer in April 2014, Meg has shared her sorrows and joys in the story of her son's fight in its entirety.

  • An Unconventional Childhood

    We can choose many things in life, but our families aren't one of them. As a child of drug addicts, Charlotte blogger Sosha Lewis has turned a childhood filled with addiction, uncertainty and loss into a series of uplifting and inspiring stories of healing and growth. From being a child to having a child, join Lewis on her journey in this raw, honest, and heartfelt guest blog.