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Laptop makers are competing for customers these days by adding pixels on screen to boost clarity and depth of the view.

Qcast turns your Chromecast device into a shared music party for your guests using an Android device

Composed and good at multitasking, midcentury modern works well for small spaces.

If I ran eBay, I’d be thinking about what makes it popular. The best quality of the site is that it is uncurated – the listings range from utterly amateurish to highly professional, with every gradation in between. It’s harder to stumble upon total bargains today than it used to be, but not impossible.

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If businesses can have touchless paper towel dispensers, William ?Bryant? Troutman II and his fa...

The Wicked Audio Divvy lets two people listen to the same iPod, smartphone or tablet, with independent volume control

Kathryn Weber offers a quick way to turn an decor eyesore into a point of pride

Lavender farm
~ Fat camp for dogs

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