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The Wicked Audio Divvy lets two people listen to the same iPod, smartphone or tablet, with independent volume control

If you’ve ever juggled tools or a paintbrush while perched high above the ground on an extension ladder, then you may love a nifty new invention: The ladderlimb. It’s a tapered pole that inserts into the holes of rungs on a standard aluminum extension ladder.

JamStik is a battery-powered, guitar-like instrument that can be used as an amateur music tutorial, an iPad entertainment accessory or a professional musician’s songwriting companion.

Here’s a chance to take your doodling up a notch. The new CreoPop pen lets you make 3-D designs as you draw.

PressReader app brings more than 3,500 national and international newspapers and magazines to your tablet.

Put the small device in your checked luggage and its built-in GSM chip communicates with cellular towers.

Triggertrap’s Mobile Dongle kit along with the Triggertrap Mobile smartphone app combine to make sure everyone gets in the photo once you set the camera’s timer.

The new dual-function hand shower from Kallista fits well in a contemporary design and has two settings.

Pets have a place in the most elegant homes, so fine artist Maricela Sanchez is creating products that let them coexist with their owners in style.

The Tower by The Art of Power is a portable charging center and free-standing surge protection in a shapely frame.

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