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A new, simpler approach for your Gmail account.

Newly developed Ambi Climate lets you sync your smartphone to your remote-controlled air conditioner using an app and a Wi-Fi connection.

Paintable wallpaper is an inexpensive way to add texture, pattern and color to walls, furniture or other surfaces.

The pocket-size device has a siren and movement and vibration sensors to let you know if someone tampers with your entry door or your belongings.

This gardening gadget works as both a bucket and watering can.

Motors raise and lower the desk surface to the height you need for sitting and the height you need for standing. Use the touch screen to connect to Wi-Fi.

SmartBark is made of a polymer blend that contains no natural wood or bark.

UP Coffee is a complementary product to the UP fitness tracking wristband, but you don’t have to use the device to track your caffeine habit.

GoPro’s new camera-carrying harness could turn your hound into the next Hitchcock.

Ion’s Sound Lounge Ottoman lets you stream music wirelessly from a smartphone or tablet. Connect up to four of the ottomans using auxiliary inputs and outputs for a richer sound experience.

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