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Now is the time to make a few decorating adjustments to make game days even more fun.

A few classic touches may be the missing ingredient for your decor.

From nicks and scratches on the walls to yellowing sheets and splotched upholstery, some stains stubbornly defy our efforts to remove them.

From airy beach houses filled with light to rustic retreats tucked into the mountains, vacation homes can lead to inspired decorating.

Start with amenities like a monster TV or fire pit, add a never-ending supply of munchies and a relaxed attitude toward your kids bringing home a friend – or five – and you may just find that your place has become THE place where the tweens and teens want to be.

Good nutrition, frequent brushing will keep pet hair at bay

What to choose if the No. 1 bed covering in America – a comforter, shams and dust ruffle – is too much for summer

Kathryn Weber offers a quick way to turn an decor eyesore into a point of pride

Get better results with these cleaning tips

Planted walls bring natural beauty indoors or out

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