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Kathryn Weber offers a quick way to turn an decor eyesore into a point of pride

Get better results with these cleaning tips

Planted walls bring natural beauty indoors or out

Don’t limit mirrors to indoor spaces.

Take a cue from the beach to bring down the “visual” temperature in any room.

Homeowners today love a light-filled house. Interiors that are light and bright use less electricity for lighting, they feel good, it’s easy to see, and they’re just plain pretty. But all that light can take a toll. Just like it can harm your skin, sunlight can damage and discolor your home’s interiors. Learn how to let in the light while mitigating decay.

Give Dad an I.O.U. for some major home design gifts

It was a fabric ‘out’ for a long time, but chintz is back in a big way

From spray-painting plastic to day-glo dishware, color abounds in outdoor decor

Granite is beautiful, strong and a pain to maintain; there are easy-care alternatives

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