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McColl Center for Art + Innovation hosts Charlotte artist Marek Ranis in his lengthy exploration of climate change.

This year, many of Charlotte’s major arts organization boards are led by women. Here’s a look at what they’re doing.

Bruce Roberts documented on film North Carolina’s tumultuous transitions of the 1950s and ’60s, its people and places and their struggles. Now you can relive those days in his book, “Just Yesterday in North Carolina.”

Photographer Richard Renaldi, who brings strangers on the street together for often unsettling images, is coming to The Light Factory

Former Charlottean Willie Little’s show at New Gallery of Modern Art takes on racism and tough subjects, yet he remains optimistic.

The McColl Center for Art + Innovation is welcoming a new group of artists in residence and has announced a new residency this season, innovator-in-residence. Each artist focuses on a specific sphere of impact.

Art for social betterment often falls flat, tripping over its own earnestness. But “Question Bridge: Black Males” – a video installation at Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts + Culture that uses conversation to undermine stereotypes – is both a compelling communication tool and a riveting art experience.

Cristina Córdova’s ethereal figures seem to exist in a world of introspection, sadness or indifference. But they are not repelling or confounding; instead, they move the viewer to understand them and the mysterious realms they inhabit.

Public is invited to world premiere performance of ‘The Dresser’ Nov. 9 at McColl Center for Visual Art.

Does Charlotte need more Pop Art?

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