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Ashley Norris’ hotel reservation on Hotwire is a surprise – and not a good one. The hotel is in a neighborhood not exactly known for its safety. Can she get a refund?

Sue Tomita loses $200 when Groupon fails to redeposit her credit into the right account. Can it just keep her money?

After Robert Reeve redeems 70,000 Hilton HHonors points for a car rental, he gets some unfortunate news: He won’t be able to use the nonrefundable certificate for the rental. What now?

When Julie returns her Chevy Impala rental to E-Z Rent-A-Car, an employee points out a missing fog light. The cost: $1,166. But it’s not her fault. What should she do now?

James Ould’s airline schedule change means he'll save a bundle on taxes and fees. So why won’t American Airlines see things his way?

Mercedes Revilla reserves two seats on a British Airways flights, but gets assigned different ones. Is she entitled to a refund?

When John Banister’s bid for an upgrade is successful, he thinks he'll be flying home in style. He’s half right.

Stanley Kubacki’s hotel refunds $887 after his stay. But it sends the money to US Airways Vacations, the tour operator through which he booked his reservation. And now the company seems to be keeping the money. Can it do that?

After returning from their Hawaiian vacation, Jessica Gennaoui and her husband discover an unpleasant surprise on their credit card: a $277 charge from Avis. Can this bill be fixed?

Gary Murray’s credit card is declined when he buys an AirTran ticket, but he doesn’t find out until he gets to the gate. How much should he pay for the new ticket?

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Christopher Elliott
Have a travel problem? Want to avoid vacation hassles? See what Christopher Elliott has to say. The Charlotte native is also National Geographic Traveler's reader advocate, and Travel Troubleshooter is his syndicated consumer column.