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Sue Daly believes the mushroom and artichoke soup at Alton’s Kitchen & Cocktails in Cornelius is “divine.” We have the recipe.

Restaurants do have their secret ingredients – and Red Rocks Café Bar & Bakery is no different.

New South chef-owner Chris Edwards says the key to the smoothness is to not overcook the livers.

Alisha Johnson of Charlotte practically wrote an ode about the cookies at Ballantyne Hotel & Lodge.

The trick to calamari is frying it quickly. Make sure the oil is hot enough.

It’s not that the ingredients in Burrito Loco’s salsa are all that unusual.

The chefs at e2 devise a home version of the wood-oven roasted oysters served at Emeril Lagasse’s restaurant.

Abby Hudnall requested a recipe for Mezzanotte’s Tuscan Bean Dip, with large quantities of bold flavors.

When Susan Johnson’s sister visits from Phoenix, the Sherry Poached Chicken from the catering company Something Classic must be served.

Elke Langweg of Davidson found a dish she loves at the Flatiron Kitchen: “I tried the warm Brussels sprout salad as an appetizer and it was unbelievably delicious. Coming from Germany, I grew up on Brussels sprouts and I love them.”

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You Asked For It
Restaurant writer Robin Domeier tracks down Charlotte restaurant recipes that readers have requested. Domeier is owner of Nibbles Personal Chef.