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Great design is all about editing; getting rid of what doesn’t work and keeping what does.

One of nature’s favorite colors, red is never away, from the holly berries in our yards to red roses at supermarkets. Any way you find it, red will brighten your home.

Get ideas for serving cocktails with style in your home.

Coral Reef blends pink, orange and red for an uplifting, vivacious hue with floral notes.

A laundry room can be one of the most vibrant areas in your house – paint it your favorite color, use wicker baskets for storage, and display some artwork.

A new kitchen is clearly not a possibility before Thanksgiving arrives. But you still have time to refresh and update the space that becomes the focus of the holiday.

Furniture makers create smaller frames for casual, classic and modern styles.

While neutrals still dominated showrooms during fall furniture market in High Point, it was refreshing to see splashes of color everywhere you turned.

Designers have always known the value of incorporating the unexpected alongside the norm.

If you are planning a decorating project, now is the time to give your designer a quick call and let him or her know what to put on the list of must-finds.

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Vicki Payne
Designer and home improvement expert Vicki Payne is host and producer of 'For Your Home,' available on PBS, Create TV, and in national and international syndication.