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As summer leads to fall, think deeper, richer colors: blood orange, tangerine, deep yellow, wine and sapphire.

Stop putting roadblocks between you and the decor you’d love to have. Tackle a room in phases that won’t stress you or your budget.

Whether you decide to go gold, silver, copper or mix them all together, these gleaming tones work in every setting.

How would you use your home if you didn’t know what the rooms were designed to be? Some would be easy to figure out, but what about all those other boxes?

Most would think a crystal chandelier would be all wrong in a contemporary setting. Actually, it depends.

Hard Metal

White is a year-round base color for furniture and seasonal accessories:

Homeowners are ditching wall-mounted boxes in the kitchen for a more open, spacious look, especially when the room is small.

To determine your color palette, start with what you love in your house. It could be the living room walls, the sofa, a rug in the hallway or your favorite dress or tie.

Designers are using Moroccan furniture and accessories to create a look that is luxurious and to bring a touch of the exotic into our lives.

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Vicki Payne
Designer and home improvement expert Vicki Payne is host and producer of 'For Your Home,' available on PBS, Create TV, and in national and international syndication.