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Camp Greene Street will be closed at Wilkinson Boulevard today for about two months, according to Charlotte transportation officials.
Man makes a stop in Denver to share the story of his 5 giant African tortoises
This is the second year the club has hosted the event, which began on Saturday and ended Sunday.

Changing North Carolina Medicaid rules, designed to keep people out of institutions, bring an end to Greensboro’s Bell House, which has been a family to adults with cerebral palsy for 35 years.

The last time the Charlotte Housing Authority invited people to put their name on the waiting list for federal housing subsidies, more than 10,000 people applied for 4,500 available spots in less than a week.

With all the legal wrangling and vocal protests about North Carolina’s new election changes, you’d think legislators who helped pass the wide-reaching 2013 law might keep quiet about that support as General Assembly elections approach.

Monday evening marks the start of fall, which is appropriate, given the weather forecast for the week.

More recent local news

After a lackluster start, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools is tweaking the free breakfast program to see whether they can get more students to eat before class.

A group of scientists from Montana State University issued a report Tuesday that says the tornado...

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If you were in Charlotte when Hugo blew through on Friday, September 22, 1989 these scenarios wil...

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Android, Windows and Apple phone and tablet devices are all covered in the Charlotte Observer's app offerings -- try them today.

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Fall beach dance

Parents generally have to lay out money for their children at the start of the year in school fee...

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Poorly constructed shale gas wells, not hydraulic fracturing, are to blame for contaminated water...

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A new poll released today is the third in a week showing Democratic U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan with an a...

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