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Country fans have spoken again.

With the curtain soon to fall on David Letterman's late-night television career, the end comes Friday for an odd and emotional holiday tradition that involves comic Jay Thomas, the Lone Ranger, a giant meatball and, most indelibly, singer Darlene Love.

The real heart of the show is Buble singing with a small ensemble. It’s at this point that his many gifts are on full display.

On Thursday at 11:30 p.m., Colbert will end 'The Colbert Report' after nine seasons of heroic truthiness.

Along with its triumphs, the world of TV had its share of setbacks in 2014. Here's a sample:

Chef Vivian Howard of the Chef and the Farmer restaurant in Kinston creates a Southern holiday feast based on her family’s Christmas and Hanukkah traditions.

Another Christmas special for Michael Buble, who performs holiday favorites at Radio City Music Hall with Barbra Streisand, Ariana Grande, Miss Piggy and the Rockettes.

The final episode of Steven Colbert’s 9-year run as fake pundit “Steven Colbert” features special guest “Grimmy” (aka the Grim Reaper).

Behind every successful woman on television, there’s a man (or two) causing her headaches. Or so it seems this season, in which fictional women are getting ahead while the men in their lives founder. Or worse.

There are several intriguing concepts built into Syfy’s “Ascension” (9 p.m. Monday through Wednesday), but the execution is not quite up to snuff in the first episode and infuriating by the conclusion.

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