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With Halloween imminent, MTV is ready to "Scream."

I dropped my cable TV service more than a year ago and have been relying on Netflix, Hulu and other services to fill my television needs. But I get my shows at least a day late. With CBS' new All Access streaming service, I can watch shows right when they air.

Will Chase's character on ABC's "Nashville" is the quintessential superstar.

Rob Lowe may have left “Parks and Recreation,” but suddenly he’s on TV more than ever because of weird set of DirecTV ads.

A few weeks ago “Z Nation” promised a “zombie tornado”; tonight a “literal zombie tsunami” (yes, they use the word “literal”).

Raleigh’s Justin LeBlanc, a finalist in “Project Runway” Season 12, will compete in this season of “All Stars.” Also tonight, a new sitcom debuts, a couple of popular shows return and we get the Charlie Brown Halloween special.

Nova looks at the evolution of warplanes during World War I, when in the space of just a few years, plans graduated from rickety biplanes to efficient killing machines.

Raleigh’s Jennifer Bartels, a graduate of Millbrook High and ECU, is one of the stars of the new sketch comedy show “Friends of the People,” which Entertainment Weekly gave a grade of A-.

Sketch-comedy shows are like frozen-yogurt shops: While there are probably way too many, most are good enough to stay afloat.

Washington’s not a very funny place these days. In fact, Washington is rarely funny at all, except on TV.

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