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James Patterson

Known for his stunts on race relations, John Safran encounters a more complex story in Mississippi than he expected and handles it with mixed success.

Actress Brooke Shields pens the book subtitled ‘The Real Story of My Mother and Me.’

‘The Skeleton Road’ by Val McDermid and ‘Family Furnishings’ by Alice Munro.

Dreadful: The Short Life And Gay Times Of John Horne Burns by David Margolick. (Other Press) Burns, the closeted son of a wealthy New England family, rose to fame in 1947 with “The Gallery,” a World War II novel notable for its frank portrayal of gay soldiers in occupied Naples. But he squandered his early promise, succumbed to drink and depression, and was dead six years later at 36. Margolick reconstructs Burns’ largely forgotten story, evoking the glamorous but often dark underbelly of America’s postwar literary scene.

The luckiest thing that happened to me in 2014 was being invited back onto the book beat, where I feel so at home I’m often tempted to break into song.

A federal appeals panel is trying to decide whether Apple Inc. or Inc. was the bigger bully when price wars over electronic books heated up a few years ago.

Thanks to a holiday windfall, Left Bank Books in St. Louis plans to install a security system and possibly update its phones. Strand Book Store in New York City is looking to sponsor field trips that will bring in students from low income neighborhoods.

Cornell historian Edward E. Baptist explains the profound economic importance of African-American slavery.

David Greene recounts the tale of his train journey into the heart of Russia.

When Truman Capote was no more than a baby, to hear him tell it, his mother and father split up. ...

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