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Angelina Jolie’s film “Unbroken” features the true story of an Olympian and World War II veteran who was only able to extend forgiveness to his captors after he encountered Christianity.

Whether it’s a faded black-and-white snapshot from decades ago or a digital photo living in your phone – there’s just something about a photo taken at Christmas. And for the third year in a row, the Observer is holding a contest that highlights the point in heartwarming fashion. Here’s just a sampling of the shots and stories readers posted online. Go to to post yours and vote on the best one. The winner will receive a J-Lo Endless bracelet from Brownlee Jewelers. Contest ends New Year’s Day. Keep an eye on the Observer the week of Jan. 5 for the winning entry. Roland Wilkerson

One cold Christmas in Charlotte, Dad was ill and had to go to the veterans hospital in Columbia, S.C.

A Christian college claiming to offer tuition-free higher education abruptly left its Myrtle Beach headquarters this month, just weeks before the institution was scheduled to hold its first classes.

Over the years, some clergy have confided to me that there are passages of the Bible they find di...

Funk on Faith

Map: More than 160 N.C. churches -- in some form or fashion -- have said that they do not believe homosexuality by itself is a sin.

~ Interfaith service 11.25.14
~ Pagan celebration 10.28.14
~ Vatican Synod
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