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Some workers live in rows of “man camps” on the prairie; others park RVs in makeshift campgrounds or live in their cars. Few can afford housing in town.

The Akron Beacon Journal says the televangelist has long controlled members of his congregation.

Former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani joined demonstrators outside the Metropolitan Opera on Monday for an emotional protest against a musical work about the death of a Jewish man they say glorifies his Palestinian killers.

Pope Francis on Sunday beatified Pope Paul VI, concluding the remarkable meeting of bishops debating family issues that drew parallels to the tumultuous reforms of the Second Vatican Council which Paul oversaw and implemented.

Today (Oct. 18) at 10:30 a.m., Our Towns Habitat for Humanity will raise the walls on The Pope F...

Funk on Faith

Map: More than 160 N.C. churches -- in some form or fashion -- have said that they do not believe homosexuality by itself is a sin.

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