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Submit photos of your best blooms -- flowers, trees, shrubs, vegetable gardens. And vote for your favorite, too. Winners receive a $75 gift card.
(The photo above was submitted by a Charlotte reader who goes by the handle "49er#1".)

The last thing Armand Assante wanted was to become a poster boy for mortgage fraud. But when the FBI wouldn’t get involved, he had to take matters into his own hands.

A couple in their mid-40s have lived in a cramped city apartment their whole married life. Yet in their dreams, they own a cottage in the suburbs with blooming flowers and a fenced yard where their young daughter could romp.

By taking away half of the double door that led to the bathroom, we’ve gained not just a spacious bedroom, but an impressive bath as well.

If you go slowly and use proper tools and materials, you will do a passable job repairing drywall and save hundreds of dollars. If you rush or cut a corner or have bad luck, you’re in serious trouble.

For the Japanese or tropical garden, nothing can compete with Alphonse Karr bamboo’s look and texture.

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