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By the numbers, Carolina Panthers jerseys or team T-shirts and jeans are the clear winners at Bank of America Stadium on game days. But take a hard look in the right places, and you can see actual fashion taking place.

For America's first ladies, Oscar de la Renta was more than just a skilled artist who helped give them a dose of confidence whenever they slipped into his dresses, beaded gowns and pantsuits. He was also a friend to some of them.

Fun, sunny, romantic. Oscar de la Renta approached fashion and life on those terms, but there was more, so much more, those who loved and admired the designer say.

It's difficult to imagine a more eloquent symbol of Japan than the deceptively simple, T-shaped kimono. Traditional yet ever changing, the kimono ("thing to wear," in Japanese) has evolved dramatically over the past 150 years.

A divorced mother finds an excuse to visit her sons’ father regularly, but she never stays.

Jimmy Choo didn't look too sexy to the City.

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