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Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

In response to “Secret study: Child welfare broken, in turmoil” (Oct. 24):

County manager should face same fate as Panthers GM

The Panthers have not done well the last couple years and have lost a lot of games. The answer – fire General Manager Marty Hurney.

Mecklenburg County seems to have one problem after another, all of which seem to be related to a lack of responsible management. Shouldn’t the same thinking apply and County Manager Harry Jones finally be fired?

After all, what’s more important – losing a few football games or proper oversight in the welfare and safety of children?

John B. Sharp


In response to “Graham’s voice is his own, son says” (Oct. 23):

Media ‘hammers away’ at Graham ignoring all the good

I believe it is unkind for the media to continue to hammer away at this 93-year-old citizen.

Obviously, public opinion has not thwarted the Graham family’s worldwide mission and ministry. Through Samaritan’s Purse, they continue to build and staff orphanages and hospitals, especially in war-torn and Third World countries.

They provided food and clothing to those on the N.C. coast who suffered hurricanes, as they did after Katrina.

Again, I ask “What evil has this man done, that you continue to plague him?”

Pauline “Polly” Porter


In response to “Wish Observer would do away with candidate endorsements” (Oct. 24 Forum):

Stop endorsing candidates? No way! It helps me refine views

I no more want the Observer to stop endorsing candidates than I want Forum writer Gerringer Clapp to refrain from writing letters to the editor.

In local judicial races and some state races, I often rely on information from the Observer on candidates and how they do their jobs. In national elections, editorials and columns help me digest complex events. Those columnists and editorial writers I disagree with most are often the very ones who help me to refine my opinions and the philosophy behind my votes.

C.L. Ricketson


In response to “I’ve had it up to here with GOP robocalls; I’ll retaliate at polls” (Oct. 25 Forum):

Right to vote hard won; don’t waste it in anger over robocalls

Forum writer Robert Scharff is dead on: Political robocalls are an absolute nuisance. However, I implore him and others fed up by these calls to please not use your vote as a weapon.

Our right to vote is a hard-won privilege earned for us by rebellious colonists, slaves and their descendants, and suffragettes, to name but a few heroes.

Freedom isn’t free; be educated and thoughtful when exercising this very precious right.

Tara Anastasi


In response to “Benghazi inquiry complicated, will take time to unravel truth” (Oct. 25 Forum):

Administration ‘lied,’ should have been upfront on Benghazi

The point isn’t that Mitt Romney, or any American, expects the administration to immediately have all the answers to what happened in Benghazi.

What we do expect is that the administration not lie to us!

We now know that the Obama administration knew within two hours that it was a terrorist attack, but chose instead to blame a video and the First Amendment.

If they didn’t have the answers, wouldn’t it have been better to simply say it is under investigation rather than lying?

Vanessa DeGeorge


In response to “President’s actions to date on Benghazi deaths unacceptable” (Oct. 25 Forum):

GOP talk of embassy security ignores impact of budget cuts

I, too, believe the aftermath of the attack in Benghazi was not handled correctly. But in their attempt to politicize this tragedy the Right has failed to mention a key point: The budget Paul Ryan has proposed includes a 19 percent cut across the board in non-defense discretionary spending. Defense of embassies would be impacted.

Cutting government spending to give tax cuts to the wealthy comes with a price.

It’s ironic that those who were all for cutting resources needed to protect our embassies are shocked at the outcome.

Chuck Gardner


Troubled by Mitt Romney’s Vietnam war deferments

Do we really want a commander-in-chief who spent the Vietnam War on a “mission” in Paris, and whose five sons never served in our armed forces? Do we want such a man to send our sons and daughters into war?

It’s amazing what you can buy with a lot of money.

Scott Carter


In response to “Panthers GM shouldn’t take the heat for QB’s poor performance” (Oct. 24 Forum):

Everybody blames Cam, but what about all those other guys

The last time I watched a football game there were 11 players on a team.

Receivers must get open and block, runners must run and block, and the line needs to protect, block and open holes.

No matter what the coaches or general manager do, without players doing their jobs the team will not win.

Gene Ford


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