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    - Courtesy of The Vision Council
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    These Boca Rock3 Face to Face cat-eye frame sunglasses are a good way to show some personality.
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    Frames with contrast, such as this frame with both thick and thin components by G.V.X., make for a more distinctive look.
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    Round frames, such as these from Kaenon, in more modern materials such as translucent plastics are big sellers this season.
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    “Geek chic” glasses like this Belmont style from Shwood with bold, bookish brow lines are big sellers for men.
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    These Vera Wang sunglasses for women are big for fall with the Jackie Onassis look in honeyed tones.
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    The Paola style from Via Spiga for women is a more feminine version of the "geek chic" look in translucent plastics.
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