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    - flipeez
    Flipeez $19.95. Kids will flip for the hottest hat of the season. Cute caps otherwise known as Flipeez come in 7 styles but come to life with a squeeze of the tassel. Twitchy Kitty’s tail will flip; Curious Owl’s wings will flap. One size fits all; suitable for those aged 4 – 104. each.
    - Squigz
    Squigz $4.99 - $49.99 Brilliant Sky Toys & Books, Blakeney These colorful little suckers can stick to each other to form anything you fancy - cars, cats, castles and so many other creations. Stick them to bathtubs, tabletops, refrigerators and windows - but simple cleanup ensures they won't leave a trace when removed. Pleasantly pliable and pleasing for kids aged 6 months+; note: small parts are a potential chocking hazard. Eight shapes are made of silicone rubber.
    - Sourcebooks Jabberwocky
    ‘Santa Claus is Coming to the Carolinas’ $9.99. Casual Elegance, 9852 Rea Road, Charlotte A book fit for the Queen City, locals and more will love Santa Claus is Coming to the Carolinas. Steve Smallman's collaboration shows the big man himself flying by the Bank of America tower, Hearst Tower, Cape Hatteras lighthouse, and who could forget, the Gaffney Peach in SC. The book is suitable for ages 4-8.
    Philip Harvey - Philip Harvey
    Goldie Blox and the Spinning Machine $29.99. Brilliant Sky Toys & Books, Blakeney Beat it, Barbie: Educational engineering efforts can be achieved with the Goldie Blox and the Spinning Machine, an award-winning story and set designed by a Stanford engineering graduate who was bothered by how few women are found in the engineering field. Comes with a story and construction set, 16 design ideas and opportunities to create endless designs. Ages 4-9.
    - Lay-n-go
    Lay-n-Go $65. Goodnews Shop (inside Christ Church Charlotte) 1412 Providence Road Behold the Lay-n-Go – a sanity saving solution that serves as storage. The 5-foot activity mat has four inside pockets, securable with Velcro for safe storage. Play for hours, but clean up in seconds. Take it, toss it, travel with it; trust us – you’ll treasure it. Great for the giver whose gifts have lots of little pieces.
    - Two Bros Bows
    $16.99. Toys & Co. 242 S. Sharon Amity Road Score a bulls eye with Two Bros Bows, kid-safe bow and arrow sets, that were designed by local lads from Davidson, Duncan (age 10) and Hayden (age 7). Choose from two styles; each bow comes with one arrow, but additional bows can be purchased.
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