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I promised myself I’d seek help this year from a qualified business coach, and the Small Business Center at Central Piedmont Community College is one of the resources I’m weighing.

Small business owners must always be looking for new products to sell and new consumers looking to buy. Sometimes, opportunity arrives unexpectedly.

Long before I earned my first nickel, I was warned that in business, relationships matter. It took me six years to fully appreciate that.

It takes money to make money. Anyone who has managed a growing business can appreciate that adage. Here’s a look at how the owners of Anointed Flooring Inc. of Charlotte used a loan to grow their business.

The Support Center, which makes business loans that banks and other lenders would likely reject, is expanding its work in Charlotte.

Each year at this time, the Small Business Center at Central Piedmont Community College prepares for an influx – the rush of people at the start of each year looking to start a business.

Next up in Kevin Gatlin’s plans: children’s bed sheets colorfully printed with educational games.

Despite being six years in since the launch of my business, I know in my heart that something is wrong. I work too much and I plan too little. And too much of the daily operations still rely solely on me. Something in the new year must change.

If the thought of running a family business seems like fun, well, it can be. Just ask brothers Bob and Gerald Johnson. This year they mark 40 years of The Charlotte Post as a family-run newspaper.

The Charlotte Mecklenburg Black Chamber, which has been around for about 10 years and currently has about 300 members, is undergoing a relaunch of sorts.

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Glenn Burkins is editor and publisher of, an online news site targeting Charlotte’s African American community. He is a former Wall Street Journal reporter and Charlotte Observer business editor.