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The Carolina Panthers found a magic formula in 2013, and that led to a 12-4 finish. The formula for this season will be different, and unfortunately not as potent.

How are you going to spend the first morning of what for most of us is a beautiful three-day weekend Brenton Bersin? “Put my cell phone on high volume,” says Bersin, a Carolina Panther wide receiver. “And hope it never rings.”

Former Panther Mike Minter and the Campbell Fighting Camels will open the season Thursday by playing hosts to the Charlotte 49ers. It likely will be the biggest crowd in Campbell history.

The Carolina Panthers’ defense will be top 5 in the NFL, the offense won’t. On the questions of the offensive line and Cam Newton’s ankle, I still don’t know.

Former N.C. State standout works three innings with three strikeouts in Class AAA debut

Carolina Panthers running back Fozzy Whittaker was hard to find after Sunday’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs, but he was hard to miss while it was going on.

Panthers 28, Chiefs 16: I like the idea of NFL exhibitions more than I like NFL exhibitions. Sunday’s Panthers-Chiefs game was an exception. Weather was perfect, big plays abounded and the game was entertaining.

Former NFL defensive end Ray Edwards, who will co-headline a boxing card Saturday night at Charlotte’s Carole Hoefener Center, has a nickname he prefers – champion.

Training camp ends Tuesday at 11:17 a.m., and after 14 practices Carolina Panthers players are ready to flee their dormitory beds, flee Wofford and flee Spartanburg. This is how they leave.

A Q&A with Carolina Panthers coach Ron Rivera, who talks camp highlights, concerns, breaking curfew and more.

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Tom Sorensen
Tom Sorensen has been a columnist at The Observer for 20 years and has been at the paper for 25, writing about nearly every sport in the Carolinas.