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Stephen Adly Guirgis’ long but articulate meditation on history’s most famous traitor covers many viewpoints.

Beautifully designed title character, appealing humans and a clever directorial concept add up to a winning hour.

Concertmaster Calin Lupanu solos attractively in Prokofiev’s Violin Concerto No. 1; bold “Petrushka” succeeds.

Writer-director Mike Flanagan enlarges his 2006 short with a disturbing tale that bridges two eras. Grade: B+

Yet there’s more of a social conscience than usual in a Michael Jackson tribute that has some depth.

Marvel asks little of us, except to sit back and enjoy the hectic heroics. And so we do. Grade: B+

Toppman: Musical version has appealingly shiny surface, too little at its core.

U.S. premiere of Jennifer Overton’s drama about very different brothers has a subtle effect on young audiences.

Brief play for kids at Blumenthal called “Fun With STEM” falls far short of its aspirations in every way.

New assessment poses a ‘what-if’ scenario in an interesting, if melodramatic, way.

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Lawrence Toppman
Lawrence Toppman is a theater critic and culture writer with The Charlotte Observer.