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Citizens of the Universe does a play that’s seldom revived but worth reviving.

Toppman: Italian drama about a world traveler’s introspection has satisfying style but needed to be longer. Grade: B-

Imbecilic thriller wastes strong performance by Pierce Brosnan as a tired spy. Grade: D+

Show about adult film actors remains nearly as shallow as the industry it teases, but it earns laughs.

The IMAX film ‘D-Day: Normandy 1944’ at Discovery Place gives us the clearest understanding of the battle I’ve ever gotten.

Comedy about a zombie daughter has its moments before falling apart.

Small troupe packs UpStage for Alan Ball’s comedy

Documentary begins as a look at ER heroics, then asks us to re-examine health care.

Brendan Gleeson gives a powerful performance as a priest told he’s about to be killed.

Run-of-the-mill movie about nonconformist teen opening society’s eyes has been put together patchily.

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Lawrence Toppman
Lawrence Toppman is a theater critic and culture writer with The Charlotte Observer.