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Thursday’s concert delivers a grand version of Richard Strauss, but to a small audience. Performances continue Friday and Saturday nights.

Lovely, slow-moving Japanese fairy tale builds to an emotional finale.

Ending of Nicole Kidman film about an amnesiac wife undoes everything that came before. Grade: C+

Michael Keaton makes a welcome comeback as a former action-film hero trying to validate himself on Broadway.

Slight, spooky story benefits from actress’ smooth transitions among many characters.

Omimeo’s “Black Light Magic: Halloween Dream” show is part black light, part tradition and entirely enticing. It encompasses the wonder at the artistry onstage and a desire to live in that magical world without further explanation.

Actor’s Theatre does Christopher Durang’s lightweight 2013 Tony-winner through Nov. 8.

Keanu Reeves wades through corpses in a movie with zero characterization. Grade: D

Wu Man, Mei-Ann Chen team for memorable evening of Mozart, Zhao, Schubert.

“The Four Temperaments” and Sasha Janes’ sexy “Dangerous Liaisons” have dancers moving and acting convincingly.

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Lawrence Toppman
Lawrence Toppman is a theater critic and culture writer with The Charlotte Observer.