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Eddie Redmayne is startlingly good as the physicist whose motor neuron disease didn’t thwart his active brain. Grade: B+

The plot’s thinner than ever, but Sudeikis, Day and Bateman work well together at top speed.

The piece combines classics (most of them light) played by the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra with acrobatics and gymnastics by Cirque du Soleil artists. It varies from breathtaking to bewitching.

Larry Toppman: The third ‘Hunger Games’ installment takes the series in a different direction but upholds its quality.

When “Serena” was announced three years ago, it sounded like a guaranteed Oscar nominee. North Carolinians took special note, because the story is set in our mountains.

Charlotte Symphony, Oratorio Singers prove solemnity and energy can go together.

Farrelly brothers’ return to Lloyd and Harry after 20 years has more plot, less sheer dopiness.

Film’s gritty look at unhappy teenagers floundering to find themselves wins us over.

Story of a talented drummer and a vicious teacher finally loses the courage of its convictions.

Keira Knightley and Sam Rockwell remain the lone reasons to see this romantic comedy.

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Lawrence Toppman
Lawrence Toppman is a theater critic and culture writer with The Charlotte Observer.