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As a Charlotte gynecologist, Dr. Alyse Kelly-Jones has spent much of her career working with patients who are dealing with sexual dysfunction, including diminished libido and painful intercourse.

Sue Falco was only 38, the mother of two small children, when she was diagnosed with rectal cancer in February 2009.

When Eliza and John Rista of Huntersville first saw their son, Johnny, on Feb. 20, 2013, he let out a wail like other newborns.

Patty Skolnik’s only child, Michael, died nearly 10 years ago, but to her, it feels like yesterday.

Patient alert: If you’re going to your doctor for an annual preventive exam and expect it to be covered 100percent by your insurance company, think again.

Readers worldwide responded to the story of Eric Ferguson, who got a $89,000 bill from Lake Norman Regional Medical Center in Mooresville. Because Ferguson, 54, of Mooresville, has health insurance, his bill was discounted to about $20,000, of which he paid $5,400 out-of-pocket.

How much should it cost to treat a snake bite?

It could have been the provocative title: “Sex, Drugs & Rock & Roll.”

It has been about 30 years since Cindy Coney was diagnosed with lupus. She was in her 20s and newly married. Today at 58, Coney is a nationally known speaker, author and immediate past chair of the Lupus Foundation of America.

One of my most memorable experiences as medical writer at the Observer occurred during my first year in Charlotte when I observed a heart transplant at Charlotte Memorial Hospital, now Carolinas Medical Center.

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Karen Garloch
Karen Garloch writes on Health for The Charlotte Observer. Her column appears each Tuesday.