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Want to know at least one difference between a happy non-cook and the rest of us?

Rushing to make your New Year’s resolutions? I can’t help you there. But if one of your resolutions is to learn to cook this year, I’m here for you.

Before the prime gifting season slips away, let me point out a few books from close to home that deserve your attention:

I love lively conversation while I’m slicing and dicing. I just think there should be ground rules on the things we do in other people’s spaces.

Poor Thanksgiving. What have we done to you?

I don’t shy from the tough debates. Flu shots? For them. Shopping on Thanksgiving? Against it. “Scandal” vs. “Nashville”? Neither – “House of Cards.”

What does it take to get your own food product on store shelves? Charlotte entrepreneurs tell their stories.

Is it time we consider the anti-cooking backlash?

When it comes to odd food, I can be open-minded. I like things that fall into the category of “weird but tasty.” I can even defend “tastes better than it looks.”

It’s lovely to win awards, but they can put pressure on you. Take it from Vivian Howard.

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Kathleen Purvis
Kathleen Purvis is the Food Editor for The Charlotte Observer.