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The environmental manager with Mecklenburg County Solid Waste shares tips on what can be recycled.

In the food world, it would be tough to top a resume like Ruth Reichl’s:

There are a lot of smart people in the food world. And then there’s Marion Nestle, who’s smart on a whole other level.

I've looked at lots of recipes that call for folding beaten egg white into the final batter. Yes, I've looked – and moved on. Do I really need to go to that much trouble for a waffle?

Is it wise or wasteful to toss out chicken after you’ve made stock from it?

We could make a big deal about the overlap between music and cooking. We could riff on flavor notes and bass notes, orchestrating menus and all that.

I started with a 3-pound bag of yellow onions.

It must be serious. It has a T-shirt and everything.

Yes, it is tempting to hate Peter and Marcia McElroy.

You have to help them, the guy on the phone said. He had been in a supermarket produce department and a bunch of women were clustered around the pile of pomegranates.

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Kathleen Purvis
Kathleen Purvis is the Food Editor for The Charlotte Observer.