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Parents’ reactions are all over the map. In some cases there’s relief. In many cases the drop-off is just the first emotional step in the letting-go process. It’s especially poignant when parents are heading home to an empty nest.

Students should get organized now to work on their college applications.

Many of the biggest changes will be in the customer service area, such as live support and an FAQ page.

Recently I wrote a column where I shared ideas to smooth the transition to college for first-timers ( I received a lot of response from parents and students.

For high school couples it must seem like the world doesn’t believe in love. Everyone – well, maybe not everyone – is telling them to break up and start fresh in college.

The big transition isn’t too far away. Many soon-to-be freshmen have already been on campus for orientation and most have their roommates lined up. Beneath the veneer of excited anticipation, almost all of them are nervous.

After last fall’s fiasco with technical issues at Common App, an interesting variety of colleges has joined forces with its young rival, the Universal College Application.

Sometimes parents are the last to know.

Summer is a great time to ponder deep thoughts, and right now rising seniors should be pondering their college essays.

While it’s important to rest and recharge the batteries, after a few days it’s time to regroup and get the upper hand on preparing for the fall’s college application process.

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Lee Bierer
Lee Bierer is an independent college adviser based in Charlotte.