Save Money in this Sunday's paper

College applications are submitted, and for some, it’s now time for interviews.

Everyone is advised to fill out the FAFSA form, even if you think you don’t need financial aid.

If it is the beginning of January and you are the parent of a high school senior, then you need to be filling out FAFSA forms and figuring out your finances.

If your child was deferred on Early Decision or Early Action, there are some concrete steps to take, and if your child was rejected, help them move on to consider other schools.

The letters coming in now are in response to Early Action or Early Decision deadlines and they come with one of three different messages.

A Gallup poll suggests that where we attend college is not nearly as important as we think when it comes to well-being and happiness.

Don’t fall into the price vs. prestige debate when it comes to picking a college.

End of the season essay writing tips for the semi-procrastinators.

My initial advice to students writing the “Why this college?” essay often sounds like what I imagine a first session at couples therapy might be like: “I need you to verbalize what you like about this college. Tell me why it works for you; share your positive thoughts.”

Please don’t be one of those parents who encourage their students to apply to loads of colleges and universities with no regard to how much it is going to cost. Parents who tell their children, “we’ll figure it out after you get in” are setting themselves and their children up for disappointment.

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Lee Bierer
Lee Bierer is an independent college adviser based in Charlotte.