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Choose carefully and prune so that fresh, new growth will dominate the plant in spring

A well-dug garden will pay rewards once the time arrives to sow seeds and set out young plants.

Trees are clear of leaves, so take time to get a clear view of any breakage and to remove climbing ivy.

Two flowering trees that bloom in winter are the Japanese flowering almond and the Okame cherry. These are medium-size trees growing to 25 feet or so that are an ideal addition to any home landscape.

Both flowering and foliage plants will prosper indoors this winter, and many need little care and tolerate low light.

It is time to think about and plan changes for your landscape.

When weather is nice, it’s a good time to setting out shrubs and trees.

A selection of camellias will keep the bloom show going

Cool air, regular water and some light will help your plant decor last longer.

Take a moment to control wayward roses

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Nancy Brachey
Nancy Brachey writes about gardening for The Charlotte Observer's weekly Home & Garden section.