Save Money in this Sunday's paper

Viburnum flowers rank among the most beautiful. Now is the time to look for these shrubs in bloom before you buy them.

Most gardeners understand that the green part of the plant must not be cut away now. It must stay put.

We’ve had starts and stops of spring beauty the past few weeks, but nothing says it is really here like the pink buds of cherry trees.

Don’t overlook an old-fashioned plant like forsythia.

If an area in your yard is too steep to mow, consider plants that create a carpet.

Early March is not too soon to choose the seeds that can go into the ground from now until mid-month.

In storm’s aftermath, garden tasks await.

Propagate your houseplants this winter.

Get some pruning done while winter lasts.

Neaten up your landscape with pruning of monkey grass and Lenten roses.

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Nancy Brachey
Nancy Brachey writes about gardening for The Charlotte Observer's weekly Home & Garden section.