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Tales of Carolinas athletic stars abound in “Sports in the Carolinas”: Michael Jordan, Dean Smith, Richard Petty, Ric Flair, Kay Yow, Charlie “Choo-Choo” Justice, to name a few.

A colleague stopped by my desk recently and announced: “This is my favorite time of year.”

Many things we admire about Observer Food Editor Kathleen Purvis. For one, her ability to whip up delicious dishes that she generously shares with colleagues.

From his Brooklyn home, novelist Colson Whitehead can see the Empire State Building.

It's no huge surprise that Philippa Gregory earned a Ph.D. in history with plans to become a professor.

In 2003, U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell told the United Nations that the country's best intelligence showed Iraq had chemical and biological weapons.

A few years ago, RealEyes Bookstore owner Darren “Jaz” Vincent read a book that inspired him to change his life.

Many newspaper reporters dream of ditching their day jobs to do

Who's the hardest-working man in publishing? It might be Mooresville's Kenny Fields.

Plenty of novels deal with religious themes. But when do you call a novel a work of Christian fiction?

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Pam Kelley
Pam Kelley is the Reading Life editor for The Charlotte Observer.