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This one’s gonna take a little data processing ...

There’s a giant tent frame outside my beach rental blocking my view of the ocean. It was here when I got here and it’s clearly been abandoned. I understand canopy tents are a pain to take down, but to just strip the canopy and leave the frame? Talk about pitching a tent …

J. Crew’s new denim collection is really annoying. It took me a long time to accept Skinny as a pants style. But the J. Crew people have added Matchstick and Toothpick to the collection. What’s next … Dental Floss?

News flash! Social media are no longer lactose intolerant.

Carry on is more inconvenient than you think.

Changing the perception of what’s too cool for school.

But some folks are feeling short sheeted.

I wonder if I’ve planned enough activities, registered for enough camps, coordinated with enough neighbors and printed enough “things to do this summer,” to keep everybody entertained.

Sort of missing the college mentality – and the mac ’n’ cheese

I’m repurposing my fabric softener dryer sheets in some amazing ways.

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Tracy Lee Curtis
Tracy Lee Curtis is a humorist, writer and speaker. She writes family humor for the Charlotte Observer. Her column appears each Sunday.