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Some days it’s my list of things to do, running through my brain like cherries spinning on a slot machine. Other days, emptiness. I just drive and watch how many streets Providence Road turns into.

Digital delegating does the trick for school parents.

Giving my shoes an identity.

I’ve got his number – but is that a good thing?

Cranking out my list of things to do …

They don’t say it, they spray it. But what is it?

I’m washing my hands of unmarked products.

This one’s gonna take a little data processing ...

There’s a giant tent frame outside my beach rental blocking my view of the ocean. It was here when I got here and it’s clearly been abandoned. I understand canopy tents are a pain to take down, but to just strip the canopy and leave the frame? Talk about pitching a tent …

J. Crew’s new denim collection is really annoying. It took me a long time to accept Skinny as a pants style. But the J. Crew people have added Matchstick and Toothpick to the collection. What’s next … Dental Floss?

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Tracy Lee Curtis
Tracy Lee Curtis is a humorist, writer and speaker. She writes family humor for the Charlotte Observer. Her column appears each Sunday.