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A study says the Savannah River has enough room for cargo ships that Georgia and South Carolina could add a new port terminal downstream from the busy Port of Savannah.

The South Carolina Supreme Court has refused to reconsider its order last fall that lawmakers fix the state's broken education system.

South Carolina is receiving almost $10 million from the federal government for programs to help the homeless.

Police are investigating a robbery at a convenience store in Conway in which a woman was shot and killed.

Police are investigating the shooting death of a teen found on a walking and biking trail in Greenville.

A Columbia-Richland Fire Service firefighter was hurt when the truck he was driving overturned at an intersection southeast of Columbia.

An assistant public defender in Columbia has been arrested on charges of obtaining goods under false pretense.

A group of poets is holding a get-together to share their thoughts on the ideals of justice in America.

Two top South Carolina Republicans are getting together to talk about education.

Harpin Riggs, who moved to Orangeburg at age 19, lost his right hand in a cotton gin accident in 1876. Then in 1884, he lost his left hand at his planing mill.

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