Save Money in this Sunday's paper

Professional wrestling star Mick Foley was ejected from the Wing Bowl eating contest Friday after stuffing uneaten chicken wings into a fanny pack.

New Hampshire's new scratch-and-sniff lottery ticket is off to a sizzling start.

A friendly bet between a high school coach and a wrestler has led to a suspension and a police investigation in Hawaii.

A dented chocolate football created by a Pennsylvania candy maker to poke fun at the New England Patriots' "Deflategate" scandal has ended up raising $20,000 for charity.

A diaper-wearing monkey named Louie has been put into quarantine for 30 days after biting a San Antonio banker during an outing with his owner.

One day's Michigan Lottery drawings had some people seeing double.

A city in central Indiana is ramping up its defenses against a virulent menace: crow droppings.

There was disorder in the court when 30 bats flew inside an Arkansas courtroom during a trial.

Alabama authorities say a tractor-trailer crashed on Interstate 20 because the driver lost control while he was pulling one of his teeth.

The FBI has released photos made from surveillance video of three masked thieves stealing historic gold nuggets on display at a San Francisco bank museum after ramming a stolen SUV through its revolving door.

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